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Practice Schedule is Subject to change.....Please check this site often.

All practices are currently scheduled for the Sendero Springs Pool. Swimmers will be assigned a workout time by the coaches based on overall safety, relative ability, and workout efficiency. The coaches are challenged with providing excellent coaching for every individual but have limited space and hours to work with 300+ swimmers. That is 64+- swimmers per hour with 2 lanes per coach in an 8-lane pool. The coaches will attempt to be flexible to special situations as long as it does not compromise the safety, efficiency or best interests of the team as a whole.

Bottom Line: The coaches determine and assign all practice time attendance.

Each practice will have swimmers assigned by the coach that may or may not be with their age group or gender. It will be based on physical and mental ability and in order to safely balance the number of swimmers in each practice. Parents do not move your swimmer without talking to a coach first or else they may not get to practice that day.


No Wednesday Practice during school!

May 7th - June 1st  - Team Practice Schedule -  3:30PM- 8:15PM

In May there is no practice on Wednesdays and no practice Monday May 28th.

The following schedule is a general guideline as all swimmers will be assigned an official workout time by the coaches based on ability relative to the workout group. Each swimmer will be listed by workout in the sign in book. W=workout, E=evening.

3:30-4:45PM - W1E: 7-10  (dry land before swim)

4:30-5:30PM - W2E: All 6&U & 7-8 boys + some 9-10 (dry land before swim)

5:15-6:30PM - W3E: 11-12 + some 13-17 (dry land before swim)

6:15-8:15PM - W4E: 13-17 Very Advanced workout (dry land before swim)


There will be coach time trials for swimmers without times during the regular practice times. The coach time trials will be only for the swimmers with no previous times in an event to get preliminary unofficial times for initial entry in the first two dual meets.


June 4th - 8th After School  3 Lane Practice 4:00 - 7:00 PM

This Mon., Wed., Fri. practice time is only for those still in school this week.

4:00 PM Dry land 4:15-5:15 PM Swim for all 8&U plus 9-10 Girls

5:15 PM Dry land 5:30-7:00 PM Swim for all 11&Up plus 9-10 Boys


June 4th - July 6th  Morning practices - 7:00 AM - 12:15 PM

Practice will be five days a week except for holidays.

No Practice July 4W=workout.

(For the month of June we will have extended dryland for workouts (1-3) on M&W)

7:00AM -8:30AM    W1: 13-17 Very Advanced workout

(8:30-9:00AM MAD dryland on Mon. & Wed., 8:30-8:45AM T,TH F)

8:15AM -9:30AM    W2: some 13-17 + some 11-12     

(8:00-8:30AM MAD dryland on Monday and Wednesday) (8:15-8:30AM on T,TH,F)

9:15AM -10:30AM  W3: 11-13 Boys +some 9-10 

(9:00-9:30AM MAD dryland on Monday and Wednesday)(9:15-9:30AM on T,TH,F)           

10:15AM -11:30AM  W4:  8-11 Boys + 7-9 Girls   (dryland 10:15-10:30 AM)

11:15AM -12:15PM  W5:  7-8 Boys + All 6&U       (dryland 11:15-11:30 AM)


For advanced 11-17 swimmer only, offsite, MAD dryland training, MWF, contact Coach Chris


July 9-12  Invitational and Advanced Swim Team members only 

Morning practices - 7:00AM - 11:00AM Monday - Thursday Only.

7:00AM - 8:30AM  INV 1: All W1 and 13+ swimmers (dryland  8:30-8:45AM)

8:30AM - 9:45AM  INV 2: INV swimmers from W2-8:15 and W3-9:15 practice.

9:45AM -11:00AM INV 3: INV swimmers from W4-10:15 and W5-11:15 practice.   (Coaches will determine all practice time attendance)

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