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The Brushy Creek Marlins swim team is run by parent volunteers.  The 2024 Brushy Creek Marlins Board members are:

Title Name Email
President Ashlee Nealis [email protected]
Vice President 1 OPEN [email protected]
Secretary Orla Jones
[email protected]
Treasurer Margit Dennon [email protected]
Registrar Kristina Kirby [email protected]
Meet Director 1 Mark Stevens [email protected]
Meet Director 2 OPEN [email protected]
Merchandise Renee Killelea [email protected]
Concessions Alexandra Kondratieva [email protected]
Social Christine Chartier [email protected]
Volunteer Marguerite Hudson [email protected]
Fundraising Rusty Freese [email protected]
Equipment JR Andrews [email protected]
Circuit Representative Jon Linstruth [email protected]
Technology Coordinator Nate Hood
[email protected]
Communications Briana Geron [email protected]

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Board Positions

Ever been interested in being more involved with the Marlins?  Don't know what the Board does and what each position entails?  No worries!  We are here to help with that.  Really all you need to know to start is that the Board meets once a month to plan for the upcoming season and get things up and moving.  Each position is for 2 years and once that term is over, you can request to take another position on the board.  Below are descriptions of each position.  Feel free to read up, and reach out to the current board member performing that role to ask questions.  Thanks for your interest!  Go Marlins!

Position Descriptions

  • President: The President is the chief executive officer for the team.  The President is in charge of a variety of tasks including supervising/controlling all of the business/affairs for the team, attending all of the board meetings and executing items such as deeds, mortgages, bonds and contracts.  
  • Vice President: The Vice President can perform the duties of the President in their absence.  When not filling in for the president, they are in charge of a variety of tasks such as ordering banquet awards, award distribution (after season), keeping track of ribbon and award inventory and helping with the banquet.  
  • Secretary: The Secretary gathers agenda items before the monthly meetings and creates the agenda. They attend the monthly meetings and take the minutes for that meeting.  Upon the conclusion of that meeting, they send out the meeting minutes to the board to review. If changes to the bylaws are voted on, the Secretary makes the changes and updates the website with the current bylaws.
  • Treasurer: The Treasurer will be responsible for all financials for the team. Some tasks they perform are receiving & giving receipts for moneys due & payable, depositing all money for the team within (3) working days, write checks & disburse funds and maintain the financial books & records for the team.
  • Registrar: The Registrar is responsible for the registration of new and returning families.  Some of the tasks they perform are setting up the registration form on the Marlins website, publishing that form to the website, processing registration requests, answering questions on registration and maintaining a waitlist.
  • Meet Director(s): The Meet Director is responsible for overseeing home and away meets in conjunction with the other teams meet director, ensuring the meet is run under circuit rules, communicates meet information with the other teams through their meet director, and resolves any issues that may arise during the meet. They consult and rely on input from coaches and other board members for significant decisions during meets.
  • Director of Merchandise: The Director of Merchandise works with vendors to select team suits for the season, designs and print steam t-shirts, orders swim caps and organizes the delivery of team merchandise during the team Back to Swim event or at practices prior to first meet. The Merchandise Board helps stock and run the merchandise tent at all swim meets. This position will also work with the Treasurer to send Square payments to the bank and report that to the Treasurer for financial records on a weekly basis.
  • Concessions Coordinator: The Concessions Coordinator is responsible for everything regarding the concessions stand at the home meets. This includes ordering the ice for the season to be delivered to the pool prior to our first home meet, touching base with the vendors who provide some of the food (pizza, breakfast tacos, iced tea, donuts and coffee), confirming prices and setting up orders for each meet based on projected meet sizes, shopping to stock our concessions stand with food, drinks, snacks, condiments & supplies and inventorying after each home meet to see what we need for the next home meet. In addition, this individual shows to home meets early to aid in setting up and help out at the concessions stand during the meet, while making sure we have everything needed to run smoothly.
  • Director of Social: The Director of Social oversees a committee that plans the social events for the team.  Those include, but are not limited to, the Back To Swim Bash, Fun Fridays, Coaches Lunches, and the End Of Year Banquet.  
  • Volunteer Coordinator: The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for posting available volunteer jobs for each meet, helping parents sign up for jobs, making sure every job gets filled and everyone has a role. On meet day, the Volunteer Coordinator gets volunteers checked in and helps make sure the meet is running smoothly.
  • Director of Fundraising: The Director of Fundraising organizes activities to raise funds or otherwise solicit and gather monetary donations or other gifts for the Brushy Creek Marlins Swim Team. Some tasks include designing & producing promotional materials, raising awareness of the organization's work, goals, & financial needs, reaching out to business, local authorities & individuals to secure funding, recruiting volunteers & coordinating their work, planning donation campaigns & events, understanding budgets and working to targets.
  • Director of Equipment: The Director of Equipment is responsible for coordinating equipment setup and teardown for meets and maintaining the teams equipment. With input from the Meet Director, they develop the team tent area layout and coordinate the volunteers for setup, teardown, transportation, and storage of equipment. They are also responsible for proposing and executing any equipment purchases based on the team's needs.
  • Circuit Representative: The Circuit Rep is responsible for communicating information between the circuit and the Marlins Boards. Some of the tasks they perform are attending the monthly circuit meetings, providing updates between the Marlins board and the circuit and working on ribbon counts for orders.
  • Technology Coordinator: The Technology Coordinator makes sure that all technology is working properly at start of season. Once the season starts, they have quite a few meet duties.  These consist of: preparing & distributing heat sheets for home meets, distributing heat sheets for away meets, supervising computer entries for swim events at home meets, proofing results & entering DQ’s, working with all teams at the meet to make sure all events are scored, provides results to team via Swimtopia app, provide ribbon labels for swimmer events, provide meet results to coaches after end of meet and create time improvement ribbon labels.
  • Director of Communications: The Director of Communications is the central point for all communications that go out to the team.  They are responsible for updating the Marlins Facebook page, the Marlins website, sending emails to the team and keeping documentation updated.
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