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Meet Information Brushy Creek Marlins at Anderson Mill

May 25th, 2019

Location:Anderson Mill Pool 10701 School House Lane   Austin, TX

Meet Schedule

6:10 Brushy Creek Swimmer and Volunteer Check-in at the 6 & Under Tents

6:10 Brushy Creek Marlins Tent Parents Report

6:45 – 7:15 Brushy Creek Marlins Warm Up

7:10 All Ready Bench Volunteers to Ready Bench

7:10 Timers Meeting: under tents at shallow end of pool.

7:10 Judges Meeting: near the baby pool/volunteer station

7:20 6 and under seated at the ready bench, 1st call events 1-3 to ready bench

7:20 All 1st shift volunteers to their designated area

7:25 Final call events 1-3 to ready bench

7:28 National Anthem

7:30 Meet Start

EVENT 45 Second shift volunteers report (shift starts at event 46 after parent/coach swim)

EVENT 78 Second shift exchange judges report


  • Anderson Mill is a 6-lane pool. There will be in-water relay starts legs #2 & #4.Pool conversion factor is .999
  • Our swimmers and parents will be sharing the same area for tents.Our set up crew will begin at 5:15 AM and be complete with tent set up by 6:00 AM.Please refrain from setting up parent tents until after 6:00 AM.See attached for tent set up map.
  • Parking at Anderson Mill Baptist Church is encouraged. It is located across Lake Creek from the pool.DO NOT PARK IN FRONT OF ANY DRIVEWAYS OR MAILBOXES.DO NOT PARK ON THE BRIDGE.
  • Concessions with typical swim meet fare will be available for purchase. Cash only.
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Swim Practice Schedule and Rosters

No Wednesday afternoon Practice during May!

May 6th - 24th - Team Practice Schedule - 3:30PM- 8:15PM

In May there is no practice on Wednesdays and no practice Monday May 27th.

Each swimmer will be listed by workout in the sign in book. W=workout, E=evening. Swim Practice Rosters are subject to change weekly based on coaches need to balance workout groups.

3:30-4:45PM - W1E: 7-10 (dry land before swim)

3:30 May Swim Practice Roster

4:30-5:30PM - W2E: All 6&U & 7-8 boys + some 9-10 (dry land before swim)

4:30 May Swim Practice Roster

5:15-6:30PM - W3E: 11-12 + some 13-17 (dry land before swim)

5:15 May Swim Practice Roster

6:15-8:15PM - W4E: 13-17 Very Advanced workout (dry land before swim)

6:15 May Swim Practice Roster

There will be coach time trials for swimmers without times during the regular practice times. The coach time trials will be only for the swimmers with no previous times in an event to get preliminary unofficial times for initial entry in the first two dual meets.

The coaches will run a test set or tryout from time to time to make needed adjustments to balance workout attendance.

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Some Calendar News!

We're working on updating the site with upcoming events and more, so keep an eye on this space. Until then, here are some things to know:

The practice schedule is posted on the website. When you're figuring out carpool, and juggling all the schedules, remember - 

  • In May there is no practice on Wednesdays (starting June 3 the Marlins practice M-F).
  • There will be no practice on Monday, May 27, or on the 4th of July.
  • Note to families still in school the week of May 27: There will be after-school practices for swimmers who are still in school - Tuesday - Friday, May 28 - 31. These afternoon practices are only for swimmers who are still in school. All other swimmers will begin attending morning practices on Tuesday, May 28.

And now, the big reveal... the 2019 Swim Meet Schedule!

Saturday, May 25 - Anderson Mill Barracudas (away meet)

Saturday, June 1 - Steiner Ranch Red (home meet)

Saturday, June 8 - Georgetown Aquadillos and Balcones Country Club (tri meet at Georgetown)

Saturday, June 15 - Wells Branch Armada (home meet)

Saturday, June 22 - Round Rock Dolphins (away meet)

Saturday, June 29 - Cedar Park Typhoons (away meet)

Saturday, July 6 - Marlins host the NWSC Division II Championships at home, against the Anderson Mill Barracudas and the Cedar Park Typhoons!*

Saturday, July 13 - Invitational Meet at Texas A&M

*Divisional meet is required for all Marlins.

Detailed information, including pool addresses, meet timelines, volunteer registration, and more will be posted on the website soon.

We're looking forward to a fantastic season and can't wait to see all of you amazing Marlins in May!

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Congratulations Marlins!! 2018 Divisional Champions

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