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Meet FAQs

When do I need to declare swimmer attendance for swim meets?
Swim meet attendance declaration and volunteer sign-ups for meets will open up during the first week of practice. An announcement will be made on the website when sign-ups are open. See the Meet Info page for meet dates. Please declare attendance for ALL swim meets at the beginning of the season. It is easier to take a swimmer out of a meet than adding a swimmer who did not declare attendance. Meet sign-ups close Sunday night prior to the meet.

Does my swimmer have to be at every meet?
All swimmers must compete in at least 2 meets during the season to participate in divisionals. It is recommended that Marlins team members swim as many meets as possible in the season, in order to improve their event times and to allow the maximum number of chances to qualify for Invitationals. Participation in the Championship meet is required.

How many events does a swimmer swim?
Swimmers may swim up to 3 individual events and may be assigned up to 2 relays (1 relay for 6&U). All event entries are determined by the coaches based on swimmer ability. 

What are the age groups?
Swimmers are separated by boys and girls. The age groups are:

  • 6&U
  • 7-8
  • 9-10
  • 11-12
  • 13-14
  • 15-17

What time do the meets start and end?
Start and end times vary. Typically the meets start between 7:00 & 7:30 am and end between 1:00 & 2:00pm. The end time will be dependent on the requirements of where the meet is held and the number of swimmers participating. It's important to know that the 6&us are done right after the break which occurs right at the halfway mark of the meet.

What is the order of the Medley Relay?
Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly, and Freestyle. (BBFF back-breast-fly-free)

What is the order of the Individual Medley?
Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Freestyle. (FBBF fly-back-breast-free)

What does 'DQ' mean?
As much as we all would love it to, it does not mean Dairy Queen. DQ stands for disqualification. A swimmer can be disqualified for swimming a stroke incorrectly, early exchange in a relay, holding or to lane line and in some cases false starting. An explanation of the DQ can usually be found in the swimmers family folder with their ribbons.

Do I need to purchase the team suit?
Team suits create unity. The Marlins choose a new swim suit on yearly basis, and suits will be available for purchase through the team. The Marlins parent handbook states that swimmers are required to swim in the Marlins team suit or a solid black suit. In addition, the Northwest Swim Circuit prohibits tech suits at swim meets. To view or purchase this years Marlins suit, please go to the D&J Marlins site by clicking here.

Where are meets located?
All Marlins home meets are at Sendero Springs Pool located at 4203 Pasada Ln in Round Rock, TX. 78681.

Away meets are held at nearby competitor host pools throughout the swim season. Information on meet locations, warm-up start times and meet start times will be posted on the website and emailed to the team before each meet.

Where do swimmers sit during the meet?
Swimmers will sit in tents that are setup by gender (boy/girl) and age group (6&u, 7-8, 9-10, etc). Each tent will be labeled and will be supervised by wonderful tent parents. The tents provide a safe/shady place for swimmers to stay while parents volunteer. They also are a place for them to have fun with their teammates while waiting for their next event. Tent parents will help the swimmers get to the ready bench in time for their event. This means making sure they have their cap and goggles on, ready to swim! Please talk to your children about showing respect for the tent parents and other swimmers in their tent. If you are not volunteering as a tent parent, you may not remain in the tent area with your swimmer.

Where do parents sit during the meet?
Parents do not sit with their swimmers. There will be a designated space for parents and friends/family to set up their own tents and chairs. Personal tents are not permitted inside the pool area at Sendero Springs.

What should I expect at the meets?
Our swim meets are a lot of fun. There's music, food and friends! We start before dawn and end after lunch. For a high level summary, check out this infographic. Remember, everyone plays their part to make sure the meet runs smoothly. Here are some tips for a meet:

  • Show up on time! Swimmers who do not arrive on time to check risk being scratched from relays.
  • Check your swimmer in as soon as you get to the pool.
  • After you check your swimmer in, check yourself in with the volunteer coordinator.
  • After swimmer and volunteer check-in, take your swimmer to age-group tent and check the swimmer in with the tent parent.
  • Give yourself extra time for parking. There are a lot of swimmers when you have multiple teams present. 
  • Using a sharpie, write your swimmer's name on their right arm.
  • Under their name indicate what they will swim by Event # - Heat # - Lane #. (1-1-1, 5-3-8)
  • The tent parent will watch over the kids between events and will help them with caps and goggles in preparation for their events. The tent parent will also line up the swimmers and take them to the ready bench. Please, encourage your children to stay in the tents or let the tent parents know if they need to run to the restroom, concessions, or to briefly see their parents.
  • Most pools have an event board indicating the current event number and heat number. Ours is located on a pole in front of the baby pool.
  • Merchandise will be available for purchase at all meets. 
  • Concessions are available at each meet, cash may be preferred dependent on team.
  • 6 and under swimmers only swim in the first half of the meet and can leave once done.
  • Before leaving, help your swimmer clean up their tent area and throw garbage away.
  • Double check you are going home with everything your brought (shoes, chairs, towels...).
  • Downloading the Meet Mobile and/or Swimtopia phone aps help you stay on track of events. If you use an app, you do not need paper heat sheets.
  • Keep an eye out for email notifications.

What should I bring to the swim meets?

  • Marlins swim cap and goggles
    • TIP: Bring an extra cap and goggles in case they get lost or broken/ripped
  • Flip flops
  • Towel(s)
  • Chair for your swimmer to put in their tent
  • A tent and/or lawn chairs for the adults and other non-swimmers in your family to use in parent seating areas.
  • Healthy snacks and water (lots of water!).
  • Sunscreen
    • TIP: if applying before coming to the meet, please leave a spot on the swimmers upper, right arm for events and their name to be written on with Sharpie
  • Entertainment for your child (coloring books, paper, activity books, looms, sticker art, etc)
  • Cash for the concessions
  • Warmups/heavy shirts for cool mornings
  • TIP: Put your child's name on EVERYTHING they bring with them (cap, goggles, towels, coolers, etc). Please double check your swimmers tent before leaving to make sure they go home with everything they brought. Marlins are not responsible for lost items.

Do I have to volunteer at swim meets?
YES! By registering with the Marlins you have agreed to volunteer at each meet. All parents are required to volunteer one shift per swimmer per meet (but no more than two shifts per meet, so don’t panic if you have 3, 4, or more swimmers!). Without volunteers we cannot have meets. If you do not volunteer you risk losing your place on the team.

We promise, volunteering is FUN! You will meet a lot of other Marlin swimmers and parents, and working makes the meet go faster, too. The Marlins organization is volunteer-run, and we look forward to having you in our swim family! You can find more information on volunteering on our Volunteer Page.

What are divisional and invitational meets?
Throughout the season our coaches, parents are swimmers are focused on individual improvement, but at the last meet of the season, the Divisional Championship Meet, we are looking to bring home the trophy! This means we need every one of our swimmers in attendance. It's a team effort that everyone should be a part of. When you sign up to be a Marlin, you are committing to attend this meet!

After the season, there is a special meet where swimmers attend by invitation. This means that swimmers need to meet a time standard to attend. The meet location will be shared prior to the meet. Invitational qualification times are listed in the Resources tab. Swimmers that have made an invitational time are given a silver swim camp to reward their accomplishment.

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