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In order to maintain our swim program and keep our fees down so more swimmers have the opportunity to participate, we are embarking upon a Lap-A-Thon again this year: TUESDAY, JUNE 12th during regular scheduled practice.  Our goal is to raise money –  however equally important, is that this Lap-A-Thon is a FRIENDraiser!  We want to thank our young swimmers for being a part of the Marlins family with a fun-filled morning.  Besides challenging ourselves to swim as many laps as we can, we will be enjoying great food, and cheering on our teammates as they push towards swimming their laps! 

To make this happen, we need two things from you:

  1. Your participation in the lap-a-thon, and Parent volunteers to make it happen

Lap-A-Thon 2018 Guide for Swimmers & Families


Getting sponsors is your most important job because it is the sponsors who will be donating money to our swim team.  This is probably easier than you think – most people are happy to help!  The key is to ask. 

Step 1.     Ask for sponsors: tell them who you are, what you are raising money for, and how they can help.  Use your own words or say something like:      “Hello.  My name is _______ and I swim on the Brushy Creek swim team.  The Brushy Creek Marlins swim team is a non-profit, competitive-swimming organization serving the 5-17-year-old youths of our community promoting personal improvement and teamwork.  I am raising money for my swim team by swimming in a Lap-A-Thon.  During the Lap-A-Thon, I will swim as many laps as I can during 2 hours My swim team is a 501(c) 3 so your sponsorship donation is tax-deductible.  Would you like to sponsor me?   Thank you.”

Step 2.     Explain that there are two ways to sponsor you—by lap or by a flat donation

  • If the sponsor would like to make a flat donation, you can collect the money right then.  Checks should be made out to Brushy Creek Marlins.  When someone pays, write the amount in the “Amount Received” column on the Sponsor Summary Sheet.
  • If a person chooses to sponsor you per lap, explain that you will contact them after the Lap-A-Thon to collect the donation. Also, make sure sponsors know how much they are potentially donating. If a sponsor donates a dollar a lap, they well could owe over $100 after the event depending on the distance you swim. If someone wants to donate a dollar a lap, great!  But please educate them before they do so.

Step 3.    Fill in the sponsor’s name on the Sponsor Summary Sheet.

Step 4.   Ask the sponsor if they would like a receipt. If yes, complete a Sponsor Receipt with their name, date, and amount of donation (if available) and record it on the Sponsor Summary Sheet.

Step 5.     Fill in the “Flat Pledge” or “Pledge per Lap” amount on the Sponsor Summary Sheet.

  • If you have relatives living far away, it is better to ask them for a fixed pledge so they can send the money at any time.
  • If you write or email someone asking for a donation, have them make their check out to Brushy Creek Marlines and return it to you and not to Marlins.  You will turn in all your donations together after the Lap-A-Thon.

Step 6.     Turn in Sponsor Summary Sheet with all money by Wednesday, June 20th in a sealed envelope. To qualify for prizes, all sponsor donations must be received by this deadline.


  • Assist your child (if needed)
  • VOLUNTEER! Your assistance is needed to help donate food, count swimmers laps, etc. Please sign up! Marlins can’t happen without participation from our families.

Bring a savory or sweet treat to share!

  • If your last name begins with A-I, please bring donuts, muffins or pastries
  • If your last name begins with J-P, please bring something fruit
  • If your last name begins with Q-Z, please bring something salty/savory

 Feel free to send any questions to

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