You all are amazing! We set out on this FUNdraiser not knowing what to expect with 80 fewer swimmers than in past years and following an unpredictable year. You have blown our original goal of $6000 out of the water! So we doubled the goal to see what our Marlins are made of. Apparently, our Marlins and families are persistent, dedicated, and going for the WIN! We are currently at $10,500! What? WOW!

CAN WE MAKE IT TO $12,000? Who is in for the challenge? Can we do it before next Tuesday, June 28 so your swimmer can get credit towards individual awesome prizes? If you amazing Marlins can double the goal, there will be something extra amazing as a team! https://www.gofundme.com/f/marlins-lapathon

AND AGAIN A REMINDER: If you were unable to attend, no sweat, you can still participate and get prizes by raising money, AND what you raise goes towards keeping this team the very best!

Remember, to receive prizes; donations need to be turned in by Tuesday, June 28. However, we can still accept donations until Divisionals, July 10. Prizes will be awarded Friday, July 2nd, at practice.

Keep the donations coming and asking for pledges. https://www.gofundme.com/f/marlins-lapathon

A refresher on how to get sponsors:

This is probably easier than you think – most people are happy to help! The key is to ask. The donations can be made online or the good old-fashioned way by cash or check made out to Brushy Creek Marlins.

SHARE WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY. When donating online, remember to mention which swimmer you are donating on behalf of so they get the credit which leads to prizes and rewards. If you miss where to add a comment, no problem; when you get your confirmation e-mail, it will ask if you’d like to add a comment. OR you can send me an e-mail.


For questions contact shannonrafalowski@gmail.com

KEEP SENDING OUT THE LINK in an e-mail, text, or on social media! GET THE WORD OUT and continue to support our awesome Marlin family! It is the BEST!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for supporting your swimmers!

Marlins, it’s time to get some rest and revive that energy for the meet tomorrow! 


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