Season Update

Hey Marlins!

Crazy to think about, the season is already over halfway done!  We have two regular meets left and then our championship meet on July 10th!  I will say, it’s turning out to be a really fun season.  Seeing everyone back on deck and in the water has been a highlight of my summer!  Thank you to all the swimmers, coaches, and volunteers.  This season would NOT have happened without each of you!

As mentioned previously, things are ever-changing with the schedule this year, so time for a couple of updates.

Divisional Championship Meet – Home pool on July 10th.  Traditionally, this is a tri-meet, where three teams come together and swim for the title.  This year, our two opponents have elected to swim the meet virtually.  Each team will swim at their home pool, and upload their results into the new computer system where the meet will be scored just like we were in person.  A winner will be determined and crowned the division champion, just may be a bit before we know who it is!

Meanwhile, our friends at the Forest North Stingrays have unfortunately been battling the season without a home pool due to that little snowstorm we had a while back.  Their pool was damaged and has left them without a place to swim their own divisional championship meet.  Once we heard this, the Marlins Board invited them to come swim with us on the 10th!  No way were we going to let all those swimmers not get a chance to race.

So on July 10th, we will swim our championship meet at home, racing against Steiner and Anderson Mill.  It will be scored virtually.  At the same time, it will look and feel like a regular home meet, since Forest North will be there with us.  They will be doing the same thing – racing virtually against their divisional opponents.  Kinda fun, right?

Next – Invitational Meet on July 11th.  The Northwest Swim Circuit, which the Marlins are a part of, has officially voted that there will not be a sanctioned Invitational meet this year.  We understood, but were pretty bummed out to hear that.  In true Marlins fashion, we aren’t going out without a fight!

We have tentatively planned an unsanctioned Summer Splash meet at the Sendero Springs pool for July 11th.  Swimmers from all teams within the circuit with a qualifying Invitational time will be eligible to race!  Think of it as an unofficial invitational.  We have one last hurdle to clear – approval of the pool rental from Brushy Creek.  It goes to vote with their board this week.  Keep your fingers crossed and your calendars marked!  More details soon!

Finally, see the website for details on the annual end-of-season banquet.  Everyone always has a great time – be sure and join us if you can!

Please feel free to reach out with any questions.  It’s been a great season so far – and we aren’t done yet!  

Go Marlins!


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