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Big Swimmer/Little Swimmer Program Details

Big Swimmer/Little Swimmer is a Marlins tradition where an older Marlin gets paired up with a younger Marlin on the team. Together, older swimmers and younger swimmers can team up to cheer for one another, make sure no one misses a race and participate in other fun activities every week! 

Coach Alec will work on pairing the swimmers once the 2024 season gets underway.  If you participated in the program last year, you will not get the same swimmer you had. This is a time to cheer on your teammate and build camaraderie.   

A few things to keep in mind:

  • The program is about supporting fellow swimmers and making new friends. While we ask that there be no gifts, swimmers can make something for one another such as a card, or a craft.
  • Each week there will be an activity for the swimmers to do at the meet with one another.  One week it may be to make a sign for their partner swimmer.  The next it might be to develop a handshake with their partner swimmer.  More details to come closer to the first meet.  
  • We know that swimmers may not be able to attend every meet, and that's okay.  If possible, please try to make sure the swimmer who is attending the meet does not feel forgotten, or left out.  For the swimmer missing the meet, they can make a card or craft to give to a fellow teammate who will be in attendance.  That teammate can take that to the assigned swimmer who will be attending the meet.  Or, if the activity is to develop a secret handshake at the meet, have a fellow teammate work with the swimmer at the meet on one.  

If you have any questions, please reach out to Christine Chartier, our Director of Social. You can email her by clicking here.

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